Approximately one million Norwegians experience significant psychological distress during their lifetime. Unfortunately, many people never seek help, and those who do often face long waiting lists. Many people might also have challenges and problems that do not require consultations with a psychologist but still prevent them from living the life they want. An important goal is therefore to ensure that the most cost-effective and least intensive treatment is given first. Overvinne offers this.

Overvinne app is a digital service that offers a basic and flexible therapy offer to cope with mental challenges and difficulties in everyday life. The digitized treatment program follows the same manuals that psychologists use in treatment therapy and contains texts, videos, audio files, and patient tasks. Overvinne also includes Aidoru, a program that in response to daily mood reports provides individual and specific advice for overcoming daily challenges. The treatment program can be used both individually or together with a psychologist.

Overvinne app - Psykologen i lomma

Several studies, including studies from the Norwegian institute of public health, indicate that digital psychological treatment has as good an effect as traditional face-to-face treatment. The content of the app is developed and produced by psychologist specialist Svein Øverland and professor emeritus Patrick Vogel.

Overvinne is based on the transdiagnostic perspective, which assumes that various mental problems are largely comorbid and that a general treatment program can be applied across anxiety and related emotional disorders. In practice, this means learning techniques to deal with challenges and emotions in everyday life rather than focusing on the specifics of a given symptom or disorder. This also means that people with anxiety and depression (two disorders that are often characterized by comorbidity) can be treated through the same program. Several studies (1, 2) have found that transdiagnostic therapy works on, among others, different types of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The treatment program in Overvinne offers 15 hours of transdiagnostic therapy in the form of videos, audio files, text, and tasks that give the user a basis for understanding, coping, and overcoming their problems.

  • Effective treatment
    Internet-based self-help programs can be just as effective as traditional therapy. As a user of Overvinne, you get access to our treatment program developed by clinical psychologists and psychological specialists.
  • A psychologist in your pocket
    There is no travel or waiting time when using Overvinne to deal with your psychological challenges. Get help when and where it fits you!
  • Structured treatment
    Our treatment program consists of five levels, and you decide the pace of your progress. You can access all parts of the program to revisit parts that you found particularly helpful.
  • You are in control
    In the Overvinne app you will find audio files, videos, and texts that give you advice on how to deal with challenges. If you tell the app how you feel, it listens to you and responds with personalized advice every night.

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2). Gros. (2019), Efficacy of Transdiagnostic Behavior Therapy Across the Affective Disorders