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Technology can feel cold and distancing, so we at Superego believe that digital health care must be developed in close collaboration with not only psychologists and health professionals, but also the people using our products. We go our own way, outside established industry norms, when we develop Warm Technology ™; - Technology that in combination with warm people provides increased quality of life at a lower cost for the individual and society. Superego is therefore first and foremost a health provider. Warm Technology is the way we reach people where they are, when they need it.

“We have a clear and concise focus in creating Warm Technology where we want to create a specialized and specific service..”

In parallel with this, we have developed a corporate culture and a work pattern where pace, initiative, drive and collaboration are based on a common set of values. We have this hanging on the wall and call it the SuperEgo compass. Bureaucracy, routines and decision-making processes must always give way to the SuperEgo compass in our organization.

We believe that we have acquired a time monopoly in the market with our future-oriented solutions, which will ensure long-term and stable growth. Our business model is flexible and rigged for sustainable growth in both the consumer and business markets without compromising our credibility or ethical compass.

Market development and development of psychological support products that enhance the user journey are important to us, while production capacity is utilized by the use of subcontractors and partners in non-critical areas. For a small business like ours, several challenges often hinders desired growth. Through our partners, we have stable operating revenues and we are used to conservatively evaluating our cost level since our start-up in 2014.

“Our businessmodel based on sustainable and scalable products and services gives us access to the international market.”

With clear and direct management, direction, and values, we clear the road towards growth. Superego mobilizes quickly when new needs and challenges arise, and we can maintain torque, direction and speed over time. At the same time, structured psychologists and technologists make sure that we are not overwhelmed by short-term budgets and ideas that stall our general growth.

With our headquarters placed in Trondheim, it is natural for us to cooperate with institutions such as Norway Health Tech, NTNU and the research environment around St. Olav. We also work closely with Norwegian patient organizations, as well as opinion leaders on digital psychology around the world. This means that Superego and our products are developed based on research and experience, which allows us a fast, but sound, growth and development. We do not doubt that there is untapped growth potential in SuperEgo, and we are strongly motivated by the fact that our solution will help people in need. The users are waiting.

Superego is an norwegian e-health company

Superego is today one of the leading companies in digital mental healthcare in Norway. We are a growing company in a market that has seen an increased need for a product like ours in recent years. More people than ever before are seeking help for their psychological health needs, and we want to reach and help more people than the traditional system.

Superego creates Warm Technology

We make Warm Technology ™, designed to be experienced as close, personal, and assisting. Our psychologists know how to best help people, and our technologists know how to build these solutions. We make it easier and safer to take the first step towards better mental health.

Superego offers customized products

We currently offer three products. "Overvinne app" is a digital treatment program that simulates 15 hours of psychological treatment.  Aiduro ™ provides individual and helpful feedback based on daily mood reports, helping people better overcome their daily challenges.  Overvinneklinikken ™ offers digital and physical consultations with a psychologist. Based on the principles of Blended Theory, we want our users to use our services to fit their personal need.

Superego's businessmodel

SuperEgo offers its corporate customers a SaaS solution through a licensing model, which results in advance payments, recurring income, and high financial scalability. To consumers, Superego offers monthly subscriptions with the option of upgrades and downgrades based on additional features.

Superego's board

The board and management team of SuperEgo share the owners' commitment to the company and have a solid background in business and business development, marketing, research, and psychology. The company's board and management also have significant ownership in the company.

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