Help when it's needed

We bring value to individuals, companies, and society by combining psychology and innovative technology through scalable and warm treatment systems.

At the forefront of mental health

SuperEgo's employees and strategic advisors have a high level of expertise in mental health. In combination with our technological expertise, we are at the forefront of developing digital mental health care.

We want to create transparency around mental health problems and make psychology easily accessible and comfortable for everyone - anywhere and anytime - so that you have the freedom to live the life you want.

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By people, for people

We create intelligent and research-validated solutions that adapt to the needs of our users. The help might be in the form of individual feedback based on mood reports, a digital treatment program, or conversation therapy with one of our psychologists. We are radically changing how people can relate to psychological help, making it easier and safer to take the first step towards better mental health.

Warm technology

We know that almost half of the population will experience anxiety or depression during their lifetime. In SuperEgo, we work closely with psychologists and patient organizations and share our innovation, knowledge, and resources. By combining psychology with innovative technology, we believe we can change people's lives. We radically change the access to scientifically valid psychological help and reach more people than the current system. Our technology makes psychological assistance easily accessible, making it easier to take the first steps towards better mental health.

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