The overvinne clinic

The Overvinne clinic is a growing online-based psychological clinic consisting of 12 psychologists. With the main emphasis on video consultations, the Overvinne clinic offers our customers the opportunity to choose both the therapist and the treatment method fitting their specific challenges, independent of their physical location. Our psychologists are selected specifically to offer a wide range of experience and specialty, as well as personal preferences. The Overvinne clinic is based on Blended Therapy, which means that we have a goal that follow-up and help should be available between the consultations with the psychologist. We do this through the use of the Overvinne app, which makes the treatment more flexible and makes help and support available regardless of time and place.

The Overvinne clinic is growing, and efforts are being made to engage more psychologists with specializations and experience in topics and challenges our customers need. Steps are also being made in order to make offices available for face-to-face consultations.

The Overvinne clinic is currently only available through health insurance customers at If insurance, but will in the near future be available to everyone.