We create Warm Technology™

We know that almost half of the population will experience anxiety, depression, or other mental challenges during their lifetime. At SuperEgo, we work closely with psychologists, patient organizations, and users to ensure the quality of our products. Through our employees and strategic advisors, SuperEgo has a high level of expertise in mental health. In combination with our technological expertise, we are at the forefront of the development of digital solutions for mental health.

Technology at its worst can experience cold and impersonal. We, therefore, create intelligent and research-validated solutions that are adapted to the needs of the users, whether this is individual feedback based on mood reports, a digital treatment program, or conversation therapy with one of our psychologists.

We are radically changing how people can relate to psychological help and provide an opportunity to reach far more people than current systems do. We make it easier and safer to take the first step towards better mental health.

"Based on your circumstances, we want to help you overcome your challenges so that you can live the life you want."
- Svein Øverland

Company history

The basic idea for SuperEgo was conceived by Svein Øverland in 2012 when he founded DigPsyk and began to develop technology to use in psychological treatment. This idea resulted in the founding of SuperEgo and the launch of the first app in the STOP series: Stop Self-harm in 2014. Shortly after the launch, the company was chosen for several EEA Grant partnerships. In 2014, the company joined several strategic partners and began developing a platform for managing apps and digital e-health solutions.

Since 2016, we have been particularly interested in the development of algorithms and simulated artificial intelligence. Aidoru ™ and Overvinne ™ are built on this technology and our fascination with using gaming technology on digital health. The first version of Aidoru ™ launched in 2017 and the Overvinne app launched in 2018. The same year, the company entered into a partnership with If insurance where their 220,000 health insurance customers got access to all Overvinne products. In 2019, this agreement led to Norway's (perhaps the world's) first digital Blended Care clinic. The overcoming clinic is continually developed and employs 12 psychologists, a pain therapist, and a sexologist.

The future

We believe that the health field is changing and that there is a need for research-based and validated mental health care that is more accessible than the current possibilities. However, our goal when creating digital mental health care is not to replace traditional treatment, but to create an offer that can help those with more manageable problems, and be an assistant aid in treatment when problems are more serious.

To best realize this, we work closely with both psychologists and patients when developing our products. We are set on leading development in digital psychological health care and are therefore working towards understanding which forms of therapy, psychologists, and solutions can help as many people as possible.  SuperEgo is currently based in the Norwegian market but is scheduled to be launched in the Nordic and English markets in the near future.

Superego is a e-health company

Superego is today one of the leading companies in digital mental healthcare in Norway. We are a growing company in a market that has seen an increased need for a product like ours in recent years. More people than ever before are seeking help for their psychological health needs, and we want to reach and help more people than the traditional system.

Superego creates Warm Technology

We make Warm Technology ™, designed to be experienced as close, personal, and assisting. Our psychologists know how to best help people, and our technologists know how to build these solutions. We make it easier and safer to take the first step towards better mental health.

Superego offers customized products

We currently offer three products. "Overvinne app" is a digital treatment program that simulates 15 hours of psychological treatment.  Aiduro ™ provides individual and helpful feedback based on daily mood reports, helping people better overcome their daily challenges.  Overvinneklinikken ™ offers digital and physical consultations with a psychologist. Based on the principles of Blended Theory, we want our users to use our services to fit their personal need.

Superego's businessmodel

SuperEgo offers its corporate customers a SaaS solution through a licensing model, which results in advance payments, recurring income, and high financial scalability. To consumers, Superego offers monthly subscriptions with the option of upgrades and downgrades based on additional features.

Superego's board

The board and management team of SuperEgo share the owners' commitment to the company and have a solid background in business and business development, marketing, research, and psychology. The company's board and management also have significant ownership in the company.


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